About Us

The Brand

Wingme Cosmetics, a vegan and cruelty-free makeup brand that prides itself on giving back, was established by mother-daughter duo, Nadia and Fadia.

The co-founders set out to create a cosmetic line that is free from animal products and animal testing. Their love for animals and passion for helping others was the driving force behind the creation of Wingme Cosmetics.

As the name implies, Wingme has a dual meaning. Derived from the term “give me wings,” it is synonymous with empowerment, strength, and freedom. It also represents the wing or cat eye that is applied with makeup.

What truly differentiates Wingme Cosmetics is their desire to help others. It is our social engagement and ethical practices that defines the Wingme Cosmetics brand, donating a portion of all proceeds to select charities vested in empowering women and children. Wingme stands for good products with good purpose for the beautiful woman.

The Founders 

Fadia became heavily involved in human rights and co-founded several organizations throughout grade school and college. With a penchant to aid women and children in need, she set out to create a company with a strong social mission. This allowed her to combine a long standing spirit for entrepreneurship and a positive social mission through her own brand. 

She leveraged her academic background in architecture, implementing the creative branding and effective communication for the company. Fadia is actively involved in every element of developing the brand from formula creation to product distribution.

Nadia’s motivation and deep-rooted passion for helping others encouraged her to put her academic career behind and establish Wingme Cosmetics with her daughter Fadia. She took the leap of faith from being a full-time professor to full-time social entrepreneur.

Nadia had selected teaching to make an impact on students’ lives and chose to establish Wingme Cosmetics as it provided a greater opportunity to impact society on an even larger scale. The opportunity to give back was the single biggest force that encouraged Nadia to reach beyond the classroom and help give “wings” to those without a voice; specifically women and children living in poverty.