About Us

Wingme Cosmetics is a Detroit based vegan and cruelty-free makeup brand established by mother-daughter duo, Nadia and Fadia. We set out to create a wholesome cosmetic line focused on innovation, quality, and transparency.

 The Brand 

Wingme Cosmetics is shaping the future of the beauty world, providing go-to essentials that accentuate the user’s natural features while incorporating more ethical choices into the daily beauty routine.

Using sustainably sourced ingredients that comply with the European Union’s cosmetic regulations, we’ve created high quality formulas to serve the contemporary women who care about their beauty regimen as well as the environment they live in.

Commited to a world free of exploitation and violence against vulnerable communities, we aim to raise awareness and give back to select charities vested in these efforts.

 The Founders  

Combining Fadia’s long standing spirit for entrepreneurship and her activism in human rights, the idea of Wingme was born. She leveraged her academic background in architecture, implementing the creative branding and communication for the company. Fadia is passionately and actively involved in every element of developing the brand, from formula creation to product distribution.

 As a full-time professor for over twenty years, Nadia took the leap of faith joining her daughter in establishing Wingme Cosmetics. With her extensive business knowledge combined with her passion for helping others, she’s involved with product development, marketing, and strategic planning.